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Power Electronics
The miniature stepdown DCDC converter lengthens the battery lives of smartphones and other lowvoltage portable products Image courtesy of Diodes
<p>The miniature step-down DC-DC converter lengthens the battery lives of smartphones and other low-voltage portable products. (Image courtesy of Diodes).</p>

Buck Converter Raises Portable Efficiency

Achieving typical efficiencies greater than 95%, the miniature AP3403 step-down DC-DC converter from Diodes Incorporated helps lengthen the battery lifetime of smartphones and other low-voltage portable products. This converter is a synchronous pulse width modulation (PMW) device that drives a load at up to 600mA, with high efficiency maintained through a configuration of external resistor, capacitor and inductor components.

To support mini Li-Ion battery operation, the input voltage range is low at 2.7V to 5V, with no-load current being only 34µA.  The buck converter ensures excellent line and load regulation and employs current mode control to deliver fastest possible transient response and cycle-by-cycle current limit.

By operating at a ripple-reducing fixed 2MHz, the AP3403 is able to help reduce the cost and size of external circuit components, while its ultra-small, thermally efficient U-DFN1616 package further aids a reduction in overall circuit footprint.

The converter's output voltage range of 0.7V to 5.5V makes it easily configurable to application requirements.  System integrity is maintained by a comprehensive array of built-in features that include under-voltage lockout, over-temperature protection, hiccup mode short-circuit protection, and soft-start functionality.

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