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Adjustable Output Low Dropout Voltage Regulators for Automotive Applications

ON Semiconductor has announced two new low dropout (LDO) voltage regulator ICs. Building on the company's power management portfolio for automotive applications, the new devices are ideal for use in audio and infotainment systems, instrument cluster, navigation and satellite radio.

The new NCV47700 and NCV47701 LDOs feature an output diagnostic pin CSO that can be used to detect open and shorted loads. Using a resistor connected to the CSO provides an adjustable output current level between 10 mA and 350 mA with ±10% accuracy. Tying the ADJ pin to ground configures the NCV47700 and NCV47701 to be a current limited high-side switch. High peak input voltage tolerance and reverse input voltage protection, as well as overcurrent and overtemperature protection functions are all included to safeguard against the effects of the harsh operating conditions typical of automotive applications. An integrated current sense feature negates the need to implement a discrete solution that would use more board space and raise the total component count.

Adjustable output voltage versions of the devices are available; these cover the 5 V to 20 V range, with ± 6% accuracy for the NCV47700 and ± 3% accuracy for the NCV47701. Both new LDO voltage regulator ICs have a junction operating temperature range of -40°C to +150 °C, which matches or exceeds the specifications stipulated by the automotive industry.

The NCV47700 is offered in a SOIC-8 package and priced at $0.72 per unit in 2500 unit quantities, while the NCV47701 is offered in SOIC-8 package and priced at $0.77 per unit in 2500 unit quantities.

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