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6 A Buck DC-DC Converter Suits Consumer Apps

6 A Buck DC-DC Converter Suits Consumer Apps

  ON Semiconductor addresses the growing need for higher power densities in portable consumer electronics designs with the introduction of the NCP6338, a configurable, 6 A step-down DC-DC IC. The NCP6338 has a programmable output voltage range from 0.6 V to 1.4 V in 6.25 mV increments while operating down to an input voltage of 2.3 V. It is optimized to supply power to    advanced applications processors for portable devices, such as tablets and smartphones.. Using a unique modular output strength drive combined with automatic pulse-width modulation (PWM) and pulse-frequency modulation (PFM), the device can adapt its efficiency performance to the load profile and thus save battery life. Operating modes and output voltage can be set through an I²C serial interface while several combinations can be I/O pin selected for latency free control. Operating at a 3 MHz switching frequency with a large possible selection of output L-C filters, the design engineer can achieve high regulation performance in a small area; for instance sustaining a 3 A load transient in a window of ±40 mV. This is made possible by output voltage differential sensing combined with the high performance core which regulates to within ± 1% across the entire temperature, load and input voltage ranges. The NCP6338 is offered in a compact 2.06 mm x 2.46 mm x 0.6 mm CSP-30 RoHS-compliant package and priced at $1.05 per unit in 10,000 unit quantities.   ON Semiconductor
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