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Image courtesy of Torex Semiconductor
<p>(Image courtesy of Torex Semiconductor).</p>

500mA Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converters with an Internal 18VOperation Driver Transistor

Torex Semiconductor has launched the XC9263/XC9264 series of synchronous step-down DC/DC converters with an internal 18V-operation driver transistor and an output current of 500mA. A shift from LDO to DC/DC is gaining strength in recent years in order to reduce standby power consumption.

Power consumption also is being reduced in digital audio/visual equipment, large household appliances, and industrial equipment, and the demand for low power consumption by PFM control is increasing. There is also a strong demand for space-saving, creating a need for enhanced small package lineups.

The newly launched XC9263/XC9264 series of synchronous step-down DC/DC converters with 18V operation, an internal driver transistor, and an output current of 500mA are ideal power ICs for industrial equipment, large household appliances, and low power consumption systems that target the above market needs.

The input voltage range is 3.0V to 18.0V, and the output voltage range is 1.0V to 15.0V (accuracy±1.5%). The switching frequency can be selected from 500kHz, 1.2MHz, 2.2MHz to match the application. PWM control (XC9263) or PWM/PFM auto switching control (XC9264) can be selected for the operation mode, and high efficiency and low ripple voltage are realized across a full range of loads, from light to heavy.

The soft start function is set internally at 1.0ms. This can also be adjusted by using an external resistor and capacitor. Over-current limiting, auto reset (XC9263B/XC9264B), integration latch (XC9263A/XC9264A), and thermal shutdown are available as internal protective functions. In addition, the Power Good function indicates the output voltage status.

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