WEG adds two energy-efficient motors to product line

WEG Electric Corp. announces it has added two new energy-efficient motors to its product line: Quattro and W22 Super Premium. Quattro, a line-start permanent magnet motor, is a hybrid model that features a three-phase distributed winding in the stator. Operating at IEC-established IE4 efficiency levels, the Quattro is more efficient than NEMA Premium efficiency induction motors, according to company sources.

The motor operates at synchronous speed regardless of the load, providing no I2R losses in the aluminum cage. Other advantages of the Quattro include being the same frame size as an induction motor, no feedback device required for precise speed control, low bearing temperature, no special protection relays needed, and synchronized inverter-driven multi-motor operation.

The W22 Super Premium motor offers maximum efficiency and exceeds NEMA Premium levels with 20% fewer losses. This model is the most efficient model in the W22 product line. The motor is two efficiency bands over premium motors and operates with very low noise levels and high torques. The W22 Super Premium has a 1.25 service factor through the 447T frame size. When paired with an electronic soft starter, the new motor is even more efficient and reliable.

For more information, contact WEG Electric Corp., 6655 Sugarloaf Parkway, Duluth, GA 30097. Phone: (800) 275-4934.

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