Website focuses on energy-efficient power supplies

A new technical microsite focuses on energy-efficient power supply solutions for utility meters used in smart-grid energy networks. Utility companies are investing in the so-called “smart grid” as a way of monitoring, controlling, and managing electric power consumption in homes and businesses. The smart grid requires advanced metering solutions that can communicate with both the power company and the consumer — providing real-time information on energy use and cost. Smart meters help balance energy demand by allowing the supplier to implement incentive programs, such as variable pricing based on peak network loading. Utilities are also installing innovative network-connected devices that manage end-user power consumption. Customers are given pricing concessions in exchange for granting the supplier control of certain non-critical circuits.

The new microsite delivers several power supply solutions that are suitable for the next generation of smart meters, according to company sources. Included on the site is a broad range of highly integrated, high-voltage ICs for offline power conversion in utility and smart meter applications. Each IC includes a 700 V power MOSFET combined with control and protection circuitry on a single chip. Features include current limiting and thermal shutdown with automatic fault recovery capability to improve reliability, frequency jittering to reduce EMI, and technology to dramatically reduce standby energy waste. For more information, visit Power Integrations.

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