Voltage regulators suit server and storage applications

Voltage regulators suit server and storage applications

International Rectifier (IR) announces its third generation of integrated, feature-rich SupIRBuck synchronous buck voltage regulators designed to address the new requirements of emerging energy-efficient netcom, server, and storage applications. The new SupIRBuck single output devices feature a newly patented modulator scheme that generates the industry’s smallest, jitter-free pulse widths, according to company officials. The ability to generate narrow pulses coupled with robust source/sync current handling capability makes this family well suited for generating DDR memory termination voltage directly from 12-V input.

In addition to standard SupIRBuck features of switching frequency up to 1.5 MHz, pre-biased start-up, input voltage aware enable, tracking and programmable power-good, these third generation SupIRBuck devices offer a host of additional features and improvements compared with previous generation devices to address the needs of telecom, netcom, server, and storage customers including reference voltage accuracy of 0.5%, enhanced line/load regulation with input voltage feed-forward and thermal compensation for current limit. Other enhancements include analog input for margining, PLL for smooth external frequency synchronization, start/stop ramp, and minimum input voltage of 1.0 V.

The IR3894 and IR3895 SupIRBuck voltage regulators and trackers integrate IR’s latest generation high performance controller with power MOSFETs in a slim PQFN 5x6 mm package, and deliver 12 and 16 A output current respectively to achieve more than 96% peak efficiency. The IR3897, IR3898, and IR3899 deliver 4, 6, and 9 A respectively in a 4x 5mm package. These are suitable for low duty cycle, single input applications, from 5 or 6.8 V to 21 V with operating junction temperatures of -40° to 125° C. The common footprint of the devices provides design flexibility and allows cut-and-paste layout for fast time-to-market.

A user friendly, interactive, web-based tool is available here and enables the rapid selection and simulation of selected SupIRBuck products. Based on a designer’s given input and output parameters, the SupIRBuck online tool selects suitable devices for a given application. Once basic requirements are entered, the tool allows the user to capture schematics, create a reference design along with associated Bill of Materials, view waveforms, and perform complex thermal and application analysis quickly and easily to dramatically accelerate development time.

For more information, contact International Rectifier, 233 Kansas St., El Segundo, CA 90245. Phone: (310) 252-7105.

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