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Versatile step-down VID power-supply controllers

The MAX17030/MAX17036, 3/2-phase, interleaved, step-down VID power-supply controllers supporting IMVP-6.5 notebook CPUs. Two integrated drivers support 2-phase standard voltage (SV) cores, while an optional external driver configuration supports 3-phase extreme edition (XE) cores. This unique feature provides greater design flexibility by allowing the MAX17030/MAX17036 to be used for both IMVP-6.5 XE and SV cores.

The three phases operate 120 degrees out-of-phase to minimize input/output filter requirements, improve efficiency, and reduce EMI. Current-sense resistors and low-offset amplifiers maintain current balance across the three phases. By sharing the current across three phases, the devices reduce the instantaneous input current of each phase and, thus, the input-voltage ripple. The MAX17036 includes an additional transient-suppression feature that reduces the soar/sag voltage.

The MAX17030/MAX17036 are available in a space-saving, 5mm x 5mm, 40-pin TQFN package with an exposed backside pad. They are fully specified over the -40 degrees Celsius to +105 degrees Celsius temperature range. Prices start at $5.46 (1000-up, FOB USA). An evaluation kit with recommended external components is available to reduce design time. A Data Sheet for these products is available on the web at

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