Versatile rotor brakes for wind turbines

Twiflex brakes are in operation today on hundreds of wind turbines around the world. All models are fully assembled, provide high levels of reliability, easy electronic monitoring and maintenance, and are available with organic or metallic linings. Friction liners are carefully sized to ensure adequate heat dissipation during an emergency stop, with even pressure distribution across pad surfaces.

Models are offered in a range of braking forces from 100N to 1MN to meet the braking torque requirements of the most common turbine sizes. Rotor brake models include the GMR (15-35kN), the VCS (20-60kN), and the VKSD (50-119kN). VCS and VKSD brakes are available as both standard and floating models. Floating, single-sided brakes are mounted on sliding bushings to save space on the installation.

Twiflex spring-applied, hydraulically-released, caliper brakes are typically mounted to a turbine’s main rotor shaft, between the gearbox and the generator, and used primarily as safety brakes during emergency stops under high wind conditions. All units are engineered to handle the large output torque reduction generated by the very high ratios found in wind turbine gearboxes.

For more information, in the U.S. call (800) 964-3262, or visit Twiflex is a member of the Altra Industrial Motion family of power transmission companies. Altra is located at 300 Granite Street, Braintree, MA 02184.

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