Vacuum gripper gently handles solar cells

The Wafer Gripper SWGm from Schmalz Inc. offers extremely fast, reliable, precise, and gently handling of solar wafers and cells. It is meant for loading and unloading from stacks and conveyor belts, and ensures accurate positioning during and after the visual inspection process. An "in flight" check feature looks for broken wafers during handling.

The new gripper supports fully or partially automated production of silicon PV cells with maximum process stability, production line uptime, cell efficiency, and line output. Two gripper sizes are available for standard wafer sizes of 125 x 125 mm and 156 x 156 mm.

For more information, contact Schmalz Inc., 5200 Atlantic Ave., Raleigh, NC 27616. Phone: (919) 713-0880.

TAGS: Solar
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