Utility-scale inverters suit solar applications

Utility-scale inverters suit solar applications

Eaton Corp. announces the Power Xpert Solar 1,500 kilowatt (kW) inverter for utility-scale, solar applications. The new inverter converts direct current (dc) power into clean alternating current (ac) and is designed to improve plant-levelized cost of energy (LCOE), maximize energy harvest, operate reliably in harsh environments, and adhere to high safety standards. The Power Xpert inverter is engineered to reduce installation costs, boost reliability, and improve plant uptime.

With a true megawatt inverter platform and unique transformer coupling approach, the Power Xpert Solar 1,500 kW inverter enables a skid-less inverter station, reducing equipment requirements and installation costs. Engineered for utility-scale applications, Eaton designed the new solar inverter to use an MV pad-mount transformer, which is connected to the inverter via a direct-coupled throat connection reducing cable requirements, pad size, and commissioning time.

A fault-tolerant design also helps to minimize downtime and maximize plant availability, while true reactive power (VAR) support at rated power means no power de-rating up to a ±0.91 power factor range. Fault tolerance is achieved by a unique segmented and fault-isolating inverter design, which enables the system to run at partial power in the case of a fault.

The Power Xpert Solar 1500 kW inverter is outdoor-rated, 98% efficient, and features a wide Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) voltage range. A proprietary Eaton control strategy and optimized filter design optimizes the inverter efficiency, while the wide MPPT voltage range maximizes inverter operation time to boost energy harvest.

For more information, contact Eaton Corp., 1000 Cherrington Pkwy., Coraopolis, PA 15108. Phone: (412) 893-3300.

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