Upsite Technologies partners with Sensatronics to improve data center energy efficiency

Upsite Technologies partners with Sensatronics to improve data center energy efficiency

Upsite Technologies Inc., a developer of highly engineered airflow solutions designed to optimize existing data center infrastructure, announces a partnership with Sensatronics, a source for temperature and environmental monitoring products for the IT industry. For a limited time, Sensatronics will package Upsite’s HotLok Blanking Panels with its leading product, the Senturion. The HotLok Blanking Panel is engineered to seal openings in the front of the IT equipment racks to prevent hot air from circulating; the Senturion monitors temperature, environmental, and security conditions in the data center. Both the HotLok product and the Senturion have been studied extensively and permit raising computer room temperature setpoints, which can save data centers thousands of dollars a year in operating costs (cooling energy reduction) and capital costs (deferred additional cooling infrastructure costs).

“We're thrilled to collaborate with Sensatronics to create more efficient data centers worldwide. Our new research shows that HotLok installations facilitate placing 29.5% of CRAH units on inactive standby, resulting in up to 29% reduction in annual operating costs and payback in a few months. If HotLok can achieve that for data centers without temperature monitoring systems, imagine the savings available when Senturion is also installed. Our partnership represents a true understanding of data center needs,” says Tom Setaro, vice president of worldwide sales for Upsite.

For more information, contact Upsite Technologies Inc. (2904 Rodeo Park Dr. East, Building 150, Santa Fe, NM 87505. Phone: 888-982-7800) or Sensatronics (20A Dunklee Rd., Bow, NH 03304. Phone: 800-633-1033).

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