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Ultra Precision Chip Resistor Offers Improved Moisture Resistance

Ultra Precision Chip Resistor Offers Improved Moisture Resistance

KOA Speer Electronics introduces the 0603 (1J) size of their RN73H line of ultra precise thin film chip resistors. Featuring a moisture-resistant protective layer over the resistive film construction, the RN73H1J offers enhanced moisture resistance (85 °C +2, 85 percent +4 RH, 1000 hrs).

With a precision tolerance of +/-0.05% ~ +/-1.0%, a resistance range of 10 Ω ~ 1MΩ, power rating of 1/10W and T.C.R. values of ±-5 ~ ±100 ppm/°C, the 0603 package RN73H thin film resistor is designed for applications that require a reliable resistor for humidity and high temperatures to 155 °C.

RN73H1J chip resistors are ideal for applications within the transportation, medical, telecommunications, consumer electronics and industrial markets, especially in applications where high temperature/high humidity are a concern. Lead time is 12 weeks.

Other sizes of the KOA Speer's RN73H chip resistor series include 0402, 0805, 1206 & 1210 and feature a power rating range of .063W to .25W, resistances up to 1MOhm and maximum working voltages between 50V and 400V. The RN73H series is AEC-Q200 Qualified and available with lead-free terminations to meet EU RoHS requirements.

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