Two-input voltage monitor suits battery applications

Linear Technology Corp. announces the LTC2960 nano-current, high-voltage two-input voltage monitor, suitable for multicell battery applications. External resistive dividers configure custom comparator thresholds, while the supervisory circuit monitors the ADJ input and pulls the RST output low when the input drops below threshold.

A reset timeout period delays the return of the RST output to a high state when the input rises above the threshold. The spare comparator allows voltage conditions to be detected with either a non-inverting input, IN+ (LTC2960-1/LTC2960-3), or an inverting input, IN– (LTC2960-2/LTC2960-4). A manual reset (MR) input is provided for external activation of the reset output.

Other options provided on the LTC2960-1/LTC2960-2 include a reset timeout period select pin, RT, to select between 15 or 200 ms reset timeout periods. The LTC2960-3/ LTC2960-4 have a fixed 200 ms reset timeout period. The RST and OUT outputs are available with active pull-up circuits to an output logic supply pin (LTC2960-3/LTC2960-4) or 36-V open-drain outputs (LTC2960-1/LTC2960-2).

Applications include portable and battery-powered equipment, security systems, and automotive systems. Features of the LTC2960 include:

  • 850 nA quiescent current
  • Operating Range: 2.5 V < VCC < 36 V
  • 1.5% (Max) accuracy over temperature
  • Adjustable reset threshold
  • Wide temperature range (-40° to 125° C)
  • Adjustable IN+/IN– threshold
  • Manual reset input
  • Compact 2 × 2 mm, 8-lead DFN and TSOT-23 (ThinSOT) packages

For more information, contact Linear Technology Corp., 1630 McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035. Phone: (408) 432-1900.

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