Transceiver chip simplifies design of utility meters

The MAX13223E is a ±70V fault-protected, dual-channel RS-232 transceiver. Pin compatible with the industry-standard MAX3223E, the MAX13223E is the first overvoltage-protected RS-232 transceiver on the market. It integrates ±70V fault protection on the RS-232 interface pins, thus eliminating the need for external fault-protection circuitry, such as polyswitch limiters and zener diodes. Integrated fault protection is critical for applications in which power and data are transmitted along the same cable, as it prevents user errors and keeps damaged cables from being shorted directly to the interface pins. The MAX13223E is designed for automotive applications, telematics, base stations, utility meters, industrial equipment, point-of-sale (POS) terminals, and telecom equipment.

The MAX13223E operates from +3.0V to +5.5V and provides an EIA/TIA-232 and V.28/V.24 communications interface with automatic shutdown and enhanced ESD protection. It is fully specified over the -40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius extended temperature range and is available in a 20-pin TSSOP package. Pricing starts at $2.70 (1000-up, FOB USA). DATA SHEET: A Data Sheet for this product is available on the web at

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