Thermal management materials enhance LED performance

Fabrico offers a range of converted thermal management materials for LED applications. These materials, usually consisting of adhesive-backed die-cut parts, act in consort with heat sinks to dissipate unwanted heat to ensure proper LED performance. Engineers determine the proper material solution for each application by first choosing the most efficient path for heat dissipation. Next, they select the best thermal interface materials, which may include conductive adhesives, greases, tapes, ceramic, and metal-filled elastomers (also called “gap fillers”), coated fabrics, or phase-change materials.

If the best solution is a thin film material, the company provides converted die-cut parts, which may be used in conjunction with heat sinks, base plates, constant-current power suppliers, or fans. Fabrico materials meet specifications for surface flatness of the substrate and heat sink, thickness of the interface, and mounting pressure. Converted thermal transfer parts may offer added benefits such as electrical insulation, EMI shielding, and environmental sealing. Fabrico uses a variety of converting processes to ensure materials meet customer specifications, including precision CNC die cutting.

For more information, contact Fabrico, 4175 Royal Drive, Suite 800, Kennesaw, GA 30144. Phone: (800) 351-8273.

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