Supercapacitor packs power into tiny footprint

Supercapacitor packs power into tiny footprint

This 100 mF unit offers a maximum voltage of 2.7 V, a current maximum of 25 mA, in a dimensional package that is just 8 × 11 × 0.9 mm and weighs just 0.08 grams. The leakage current is as low as 1 µA. In addition, these OptiXtal SuperXcaps are flat and flexible and can be configured to suit a particular usage or housing need - round, square, oval or any other shape. To get the power specs required, they can be stacked to function in series or parallel.

The low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) of 3Ω means there's a minimal loss of energy during recharge so the OptiXtal unit is under less operational stress and therefore less vulnerable to failure. Low self-discharge of current during periods of non-use is another exceptional feature of the SuperXcap. The high capacitance, density of energy, and superior power-to-weight ratios of these SuperXcap units will increase their functionality and utility in most applications.

Once operational, the OptiXtal SuperXcap will recharge to its max voltage within seconds and maintain its charge/discharge cycling ability far longer than any battery, according to company sources. In addition, SuperXcaps, unlike batteries, have the ability to function efficiently within a wide range of temperatures.

OptiXtal Inc., 1901 S. 54th St., Philadelphia, PA 19143. Phone: (215) 254-5225,

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