Submersible brakes suited for tidal turbines

Submersible brakes suited for tidal turbines

Model HBS 42 brakes can withstand the pressures of operating fully submerged at depth, in an open sea environment. These oil immersed, spring applied, hydraulically released, multi-disc brakes are totally enclosed and feature a compact design. The spring-set actuation feature provides full braking torque in the event of loss of actuation pressure or power. Model HBS brakes are particularly suited to mounting inline, directly to gear cases, which allows for sharing of the lubrication and cooling system, as well as providing system compactness.

Cellulosic linings, combined with a large volume of cooling oil within the housing make the size 42 in. unit capable of handling up to 13 Megajoules of stopping energy. The multiple disc design provides a very large friction surface area and this, together with the provision for forced oil cooling, allows the brake to dissipate high levels of heat generated when stopping high inertia loads. The brake is capable of providing a braking torque in excess of one million Nm.

The brake also provides an emergency stop function, and is powerful enough to stop the turbine in seconds when it is working at full-speed, and to do this repeatedly. The brake remains on when hydraulic power is not being supplied. It is a fully dynamic brake that provides protection for both the unit and those working around it. For more information, visit Wichita Clutch.

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