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Standard DOD ATS Families Across All Four Military Branches

Standard DOD ATS Families Across All Four Military Branches

AMETEK Programmable Power announces that its ReFlex Power™ (RFP) System is now qualified for use in standard Department of Defense (DoD) ATS (Automated Test Systems) across all major military branches. It is the only power system on the market that satisfies all of the military services' test protocols, including the Navy's electronic Consolidated Automated Support System (eCASS), scheduled to be deployed in 2015 as well as the Marines' Reconfigurable Transportable CASS (RTCASS) program, the Army's Next Generation Automatic Test System (NGATS), and the Air Force's Versatile Depot Automatic Test Station (VDATS).

AMETEK's RFP System is a high-density, modular power system with a full complement of power and load modules for designing flexible and scalable power solutions. Comprised of a mainframe, a controller module and various plug-in power modules (DC modules, AC modules, and active loads with scalable power levels), the ReFlex Power system can be configured for control of discrete, power supplies and loads, and it can be extended to as many as eight mainframes and 95 power modules, all controlled through a single controller module.

The RFP System uses digital control loops that allow users to tailor system performance to match application requirements. In addition to the high power densities available, the ReFlex Power system provides series, parallel, or multiphase operation, and high-speed up/down programming capability. Communication interfaces include an LXI™-compliant Ethernet interface, IVI drivers and an embedded Web server.

The ReFlex Power system's highly integrated architecture reduces cost of ownership and logistics with its minimal space requirements and low maintenance, a common software interface and the ability to create "virtual assets" with various voltage/current combinations through one controller.

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