Solenoid valve series saves energy

Solenoid Solutions Inc. announces a new series of latching solenoid valves to reduce power drain. A force generated by a permanent magnet is used to hold the valve in an open or closed state, significantly reducing the energy needed for operation. Latching valves find use in battery and restricted power source environments. They are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, including two-way and three-way normally open and normally closed operation.

Magnetic Latching Valves need just a short pulse of energy to energize and de-energize the valve, but do not require power to hold the valve in either the open or closed state. In a traditional two-way normally closed configuration, the valve is energized by opening the orifice and allowing flow. The valve is held in that open state through the force of a permanent magnet. Then, by reversing the electrical polarity of the pulse, the valve is closed and remains in that position with a spring mechanism. In a two-way normally open configuration, the valve operates in the opposite fashion.

For more information, contact Solenoid Solutions Inc., 2251 Manchester Rd., Erie, PA 16506. Phone: (888) 825-8405.

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