Software helps designers choose power supply capacitors

Software helps designers choose power supply capacitors

AVX Corp., a manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, has enhanced its free SpiCalci Software that guides designers to select the proper switch mode power supply (SMPS) capacitor to match application requirements. The upgraded SpiCalci 5.0 SMPS software incorporates AVX's newest capacitor technologies, including TurboCap, the rugged MH Series, and the expanded MIL PRF 49470 product offering.

In addition, the software allows the user to select critical parameters, build a part number, and view charts such as ESR, impedance versus frequency, temperature change versus applied current, and maximum current over frequency. AVX's SMPS capacitors are suited for filtering capacitors on the input and output of power supplies or as snubber capacitors. The SpiCalci 5.0 software ensures that customers select the appropriate capacitor and performance characteristics for their application.

For more information, contact AVX Corp., 801 17th Ave. South, Myrtle Beach, SC 29578. Phone: (843) 448-9411.

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