Software analyzes electromagnetic fields to optimize designs

Infolytica Corp. announces the latest versions of its simulation suite of software: MagNet, ElecNet, ThermNet, and OptiNet. Specializing in electromagnetic and electric fields, the company offers user-friendly software programs for engineers aiming to reduce costs and optimize designs.

Obtaining an accurate prediction of an electric motor’s performance is not a simple task, particularly when engineers wish to couple the effects of heat and motion. It can be tedious to setup these types of problems for simulation. MagNet and ThermNet share the same model file and run a two-way coupled electromagnetic and thermal simulation, making the programs both easy to use and accurate.

Several substantial updates have been made to ThermNet, increasing the software’s accuracy and capability to account for cooling options. Global results for temperature, heat capacity, heat flow, and heat source are now reported. New boundary conditions, improved modeling of touching surfaces, anisotropic and composite materials, stranded coils, and enhanced convection options work together to improve the simulation of motors, generators, or any other electromechanical device.

MagNet v7.3 introduces freezing the operating points of the BH property throughout a component for use in different simulations. One example of the application of this new feature is the study of small signals in the presence of a large dc offset.

Material properties can be overridden on an element-by-element basis in order to account for other phenomena or processes affecting the performance of a device. For example, this is useful when the material properties of certain regions of a component vary due to a manufacturing process.

3D coil modeling, particular highly complex geometries, is made easier with an updated extension to MagNet that supports all common types of windings.

General improvements have also been made to third-party file interoperability, specifically CATIA V5 and Inventor 2012, as well as the utility that detects and corrects faults with imported models. MagNet, ElecNet, ThermNet, and OptiNet v7.3 can now be downloaded for PCs running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

For more information, contact Infolytica Corp., 300 Leo Pariseau, Suite 2222, Montreal, Quebec H2X 4B3, Canada. Phone: (866) 416-4400.

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