Servo worm gear boasts 97% efficiency

Wittenstein has enhanced the alpha V-Drive servo worm gear, offering variety for applications and bringing the worm gear to a new level. The improved range of V-Drive+ boasts optimized hollow-flank teeth for accuracy and low backlash, 50% more torque and 97% efficiencies - the highest for servo worm gears on the market. This new generation of the V-Drive gearbox comes in two versions: V-Drive+ & V-Drive economy.

Two important changes which have occurred for the technical specifications on this product are 1) T2B is now T2max and means the maximum torque which can be transmitted by the gear box and 2) T2N is now T2servo and means the maximum torque which can be transmitted by the gear box with a minimal increase in backlash over the whole lifetime of the gearbox.

The V-Drive+ (“+” stands for more torque; shown in the photo with optional paint) replaces the classic version of the V-Drive. With continuously high positioning accuracy and low backlash of <3 arcmin, the V-Drive+ sets new standards. The V-Drive+ is available in these output options: VDH (hollow shaft), VDS (smooth/keyed/involute shaft) and VDT (flange).

Features of the V-Drive+ include:
- Sizes 050, 063, 080, 100
- Ratio 4, 7, 10, 16, 28, 40
- Torsional backlash < 3 arcmin
- Efficiencies of up to 97%

The V-Drive economy (shown in the photo without paint) is a low-cost solution for low-duty applications, providing increased torque and power density due to the optimized hollow-flank teeth and high quality of the component. The following output options are available for the V-Drive economy: VDH (hollow shaft), VDS (shaft, smooth/keyed).

Features of the V-Drive economy include:
- Sizes 050, 063
- Ratio 7, 10, 16, 28, 40
- Torsional backlash < 8 arcmin

Find out more about the product options and specifications on the V-Drive Product Page at

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