Security modules for smart meters consume less power

Security modules for smart meters consume less power

Atmel Corp. announces its new VaultIC family of security modules for applications including femtocells, smart meters, telehealth, and USB token and gaming platforms. The VaultIC460 is the first security module available that provides a secure microcontroller with multiple interfaces and bundled firmware, according to company sources. Based on Atmel’s AT90SO secureAVR microcontrollers, this new family enables higher levels of security and provides a secure turnkey solution for system designers. The VaultIC460 provides 128 KB of fully configurable EEPROM memory to store user data and match any security architecture.

The new VaultIC family offers designers enhanced functionality, a new interface with rapid computation of all standard cryptography algorithms, and higher security to protect both the keys and data. These products are designed to meet Common Criteria EAL4+ and FIPS 140-2 level 3 certifications to provide high security, performance, and lower power consumption. For more information, contact Atmel Corp., 2325 Orchard Pkwy., San Jose, CA 95131. Phone: 408-441-0311.

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