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Switchers operate with 88% efficiency

The PMK/PMMK family of switching ac-dc power supplies now include the PMK/PMMK450 Series that delivers 405 W with active power-factor correction (PFC) for up to 88% efficiency.

The Series provides standard 5, 12, 24, 36, and 48-V output voltages and are available in two styles. One version contains an enclosed fan while the second is supplied with a U-Channel in a 5 × 8 × 1.57-in. enclosure. Both versions can be ordered with DIN-rail clip for easy mounting.

Additional features include single-line current share, remote inhibit, and 5-V standby.

Astrodyne, 35 Hampden Rd., Mansfield, MA 02048, (800) 823-8082,

Power supervisor ICs draw only 62 mA

The ADM2914 and ADM12914 quad-channel voltage supervisors and ADM6339 microprocessor supervisor ICs enhance system reliability by ensuring voltage levels remain within specified levels. The circuits, designed to monitor voltage supply rails in communications, industrial, and instrumentation applications, are said to provide up to twice the accuracy of other devices.

The ADM12914 detects overvoltage and undervoltage conditions with 1.5× the accuracy (±0.8% overtemperature) of other supervisory circuits. This helps prevents power supplies in medical ultrasound, telecommunications equipment, and other applications from slipping out of range.

The ADM2914/ADM12914 also includes an input-supply shunt regulator that lets the device run off of higher-voltage supplies, including 12-V operation in communications infrastructure equipment, and lithium-ion batteries used in hybrid vehicles.

The ADM6339 provides twice the accuracy (±0.8% overtemperature) of other devices and can monitor three positive and one negative voltage supplies. The ADM6339 uses internally pretrimmed undervoltage threshold options for monitoring 1.8, 2.5, 3, 3.3, 5, and -5-V supply voltages and is available with one to three adjustable threshold options.

Analog Devices Inc., 3 Technology Dr., Norwood, MA 02062, (781) 329-4700,

95%-efficient step-down dc/dc converter

The Swift family of power-management ICs now offers the industry's smallest single-chip, 6-A, 17-V step-down synchronous switcher with integrated FETs. The TPS54620 dc/dc converter achieves 95% power-conversion efficiency and a 25% lower Rds (on). The device easily powers deep submicron digital signal processors (DSPs) and other embedded processors, such as FPGAs and ASICs.

The 1.6-MHz monolithic dc/dc converter supports 4.5 to 17-V input voltages, allowing it to manage space-constrained 5 V and 12 V point-of-load designs.

The IC supports a 6-A continuous, 8-A peak load current; 1.6 to 17-V power stage input range; and a 1.6-MHz synchronous converter integrates two high-efficiency MOSFETs (26 and 19 mΩ) and comes in a thermally enhanced 3.5 × 3.5-mm monolithic QFN package. Synchronized switching frequency from a master clock eliminates beat noise in sensitive data-acquisition circuitry, while a feature-rich IC includes power-good, enable, and tracking pins for sequencing.

Texas Instruments, Box 660199, Dallas, TX 75266, (972) 995-2011,

Vacuum belts target solar fabrication

Endless stainless-steel vacuum belts are perforated in precise patterns with specific size holes or virtually any shape. The perforated belts are welded using a high energy beam and weld finished giving a smooth strong endless belt. Vacuum belts can be used for parts conveying, elevation changes, precision indexing, as well as in printing, film-processing, and pick-and-place applications.

Key features include positioning accuracy, high-strength-to-weight ratio, smooth motion control, virtually nonstretchable, and operate in extreme temperatures.

Belt Technologies, 11 Bowles Rd., Agawam, MA 01001, (413) 786-9922,

Vibration control silences wind turbines

A new brochure for the wind-energy sector covers vibration control for wind turbines.

In a wind turbine, these mounts can absorb harmful vibrations to protect the nacelle cover, generator, and transmission system. This increases the service life of a turbine and makes it quieter.

Concise information about the effective use of rubber and plastic antivibration products are covered. The six-page bulletin uses examples to illustrate how even complex mounting tasks can be efficiently and reliably dealt with.

The brochure is available in both German and English. It can be ordered free of charge off the Web site. Reference order number WT 5994_d or WT 5994_e.

ContiTech North America Inc., 136 Summit Ave., Montvale, NJ 07645, (800) 654-0974,

Surface-mount regulatoroffers 96% efficiency

The V78XX-500-SMT Series is a surface-mount version of the company's 0.5-A V78XX-500 dc-switching regulator. The device, designed to be a high-performance alternative to linear regulators, offers 96% efficiency. The 15.24 × 8.50 × 7.00- regulator does not require a heat sink, making it suitable for applications where board space is at a premium.

Features of the v78XX-600-SMT include a 4.5 to 28-Vdc input range, 3.3, 5, 12, and 15-Vdc regulated output voltages, and a 500-mA output current with a -40 to 71°C operating range at 100% load, derating to 60% load at 85°C. The converters offer short-circuit protection, thermal shutdown, very low ripple and noise (10 mV p-p typical), and a 2 million hr MTBF.

V-Infinity, a div. of CUI Inc., 20050 S.W. 112th Ave., Tualatin, OR 97062, (503) 612-2383,

Energy-efficient LED light strips

The LF1D Series of LED light strips are the brightest in their class at up to 67.2 Lumens/W. Reinforced-glass models are IP67f-protected against water, dust, and oil, making them suitable for machine tools or outdoor equipment. A IP67-rated polycarbonate plastic cover is available for food-processing applications.

These Cool White (5,700°K) light strips retain 70% of initial luminance at 50,000 hr and come in a slim (10 × 1) or wide (7 x 2) LED array with 24-Vdc voltage. The RoHS-compliant strips are mercury-free and manufactured with a sturdy die-cast aluminum housing and stainless-steel front cover.

Two cable options are available: side connection and back. Removable, direct plug-in terminal block and spring clamp connections ensure a high-quality connection, making it easy to install or replace the LED illumination unit.

Idec Corp., 1175 Elko Dr., Sunnyvale, CA 94089, (800) 262-4332,

Decorative energy-efficient LED lamps

The G15-Style DécorLED lamps consume less than 1 W and directly replace 10-W incandescent bulbs. The DEC-G15E12 Series of globe-style clear-lens with standard candelabra-based LED light bulbs provide ornamental illumination in maintenance-intensive applications.

These solid-state lamps come in extrapure white (5,000°K) or extrawarm white (3,000°K). Eighteen discrete LEDs are configured to disperse light in an omnidirectional 270°-wide beam with each high-intensity LED incorporating optical-grade epoxy to produce vivid illumination between 25.4 to 27.4 lumens, depending on model number. The LED cluster is protected by a molded polycarbonate, UV-protected and shatter-resistant 1.9-in.-diameter globe. Integrated, current-limiting resistors and polarity-protection diodes assure that no circuit modifications are required.

G15 DécorLEDs are energy-efficient light sources, saving 80 to 90% of power costs compared to 10 or 15-W incandescent bulbs. The lamps are moisture-resistant and suitable for indoor/outdoor use; they can be dimmed with standard lamp dimmers. The White LEDs have an average lifespan of up to 50,000 hr (5+ years).

LEDtronics Inc., 23105 Kashiwa Court, Torrance, CA 90505, (800) 579-4875,

Wireless energy meters

The Wi-LEM (Wireless Local Energy Meter) family allows remote measurement and monitoring of electricity, water, and other metered utilities, as well as temperature and humidity. Users can break down energy and water usage and identify areas of efficiency improvement. All Wi-LEM components feature 10-mW RF power.

Wi-LEM uses the 802.15.4 wireless communication standard, along with split-core transducers, to reduce time, cost, and disruption of using a submetering installation.

The Wi-Pulse dual-input pulse counter counts and transmits pulses generated by utility meters. It easily connects to existing networks. Wi-Pulse allows readings from stand-alone water and energy utility meters and submeters with a pulse output to be monitored centrally using a Wi-LEM network.

The Wi-Zone is a temperature and humidity transducer that connects to a Wi-LEM network. Both devices are battery powered and feature an internal integrated antenna.

LEM USA Inc., 11665 W. Bradley Rd., Milwaukee, WI 53224, (800) 236-5366,

High-density motor hits 90% efficiency

The heartof the 2000-W RE 50 is an ironless rotor for detent-free running and minimized mass inertia. A two-pole neodymium permanent magnet combined with winding technology results in high torque and acceleration. The drive measures 50 × 108 mm and is available with four different windings. Features include 0.38-Nm nominal torque, 2,800 to 5,700-rpm nominal speed, and more than 9% efficiency.

Low 24.70-Vdc nominal voltage and high power density make the RE 50 suitable for use in battery-powered applications, such as electric vehicles, transport and logistics equipment, mobile systems, and robots. The modular system also offers matching planetary gearheads, encoders, and control systems.visit maxon motor.

maxon precision motors inc., 101 Waldron Rd., Fall River, MA 02720, (508) 677-0520,

Energy-saving LCD displays

The InfoVue High/Low Temp Series LCD displays provide a 50% savings in technology costs and 80% energy savings when compared to their counterparts. The displays perform in extreme heat or cold. Key benefits of the high-duty displays include reliable performance in a wide range of temperatures, enhanced visual display quality, and cost and energy savings.

The displays perform in -40 to 85°C conditions, such as those found in military, freezer, gas pumps/fuel meters, nonautomotive transportation, and nonclimate-controlled facility applications.

InfoVue LCD displays provide full graphic capability and daylight visibility as opposed to the alphanumeric displays of conventional LCDs. The displays come in sizes ranging from 8 × 1 character displays to 320 × 240-pixel graphic displays.

Lumex, 290 E. Helen Rd., Palatine, IL 60067, (800) 278-5666,

Single-board, open-frame converters feature 95% efficiency

The fully regulated iQL and iQG Series of wide input range, isolated dc-dc converters are available with 2.5 to 12-V nominal output voltages and 300-W power ratings, for high performance in the DOSA quarter-brick footprint. The Series was designed for confined spaces and demanding thermal environments such as those required in telecom, datacom, wireless, test and measurement, broadcast, robotics, and industrial controls. These single-board open-frame converters offer up to 95% efficiency, 181 W/cu in. power density, and up to 60 A of usable output current. Most models feature metal baseplates for conduction cooling.

Component count, significantly reduced through the use of custom ASIC control devices, newest ferrite cores, and multilayer capacitors, results in a single-board with a 0.52-in. height and the same output power formerly only available on two-board designs.

The iQL Series power distributed, intermediate, and Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA) bus applications. For conventional power rails, the standard output voltages of 2.5, 3.3, and 5 V are equipped with both remote sense and output trim (-20/+10%), suitable for powering a wide array of devices. The 8.3 and 12-V output models feature output trim (+20/-10%) without remote sense. Available input voltage range is either 18 to 36 or 36 to 75 V and output power ratings are 150 to 300 W, depending on output voltage.

The iQG Series comes with a nominal 12 V at 25-A output, for 300 W of continuous output power. The devices operate from 36 to75- Vdc input and are suitable for distributed and intermediate bus applications that have limited airflow available for cooling.

Standard features of both Series include fixed frequency operation; remote on/off; monotonic and prebias load start-up; autorecovery from input undervoltage, and overcurrent, overvoltage, and overtemperature protection circuitry.

TDK-Lambda, 3055 Del Sol Blvd., San Diego, CA 92154, (800) 526-2325,

Bright lights, low-power consumption

The CL Series LED lighting assemblies and single-package LED components feature high-bright lighting and low-power consumption.

The self-contained CL Series assemblies are electronically controlled lighting fixtures that emit a constant light output of 240 to 400 Lumens with 9 to 29-Vdc input voltages. Power consumption is only 4.3 W for the 240-Lumens output version and 7.1 W for the 400-Lumen style. The assemblies are suitable for low-voltage applications such as solar, outdoor security, and remote access lighting, or where long life, ultralow power and 160° of optical light emission is needed. An inexpensive ac-dc 9 to 29-Vdc-output converter power source allows use with batteries.

Designed for rugged environments, the assemblies feature high vibration/shock resistance, -40 to 60°C operating range, and waterproof housing. The new lighting assemblies do not emit any IR or UV and contain no glass or toxic substance such as mercury.

Selco Products Co., 8780 Technology Way, Reno, NV 89521, (800) 257-3526,

Breakaway coupling targetswind applications

The ST1 torque limiter is designed to protect gearboxes and pumps from failure due to torque overload. The limiter's modular design allows for a complete breakaway at widely adjustable torque levels — from 740 to 118,000 lb-ft, across four body sizes.

Individual torque-limiting elements are available separately for retrofit and for integration into custom-designed coupling systems. Torque adjustment and clutch reengagement are by using screws instead of hammers.

R+W America L.P., 1120 Tower Lane, Bensenville, IL 60106, (888) 479-8728,

LEDs shine bright in high ambient light

The TopLED Black Series with lens is a range of industry-standard medium-power LEDs in matte black material. The black package offers higher contrast with lower reflectivity without compromising luminous intensity.

The TopLED Black is the first TopLED in a black package that hits a typical luminous intensity of 1.9 cd (at 20 mA). Target applications include information displays for traffic and public-transportation systems and price-changing displays such as fuel-price totem-pole signs.

The devices offers high contrast and good legibility in all lighting conditions — even in strong sunlight. The LEDs have a 60° beam angle so the light is focused for distance legibility. Because the LEDs are SMT components, they are suitable for automatic handling, and provide high placement tolerances for highly uniform light dispersion.

Osram Opto Semiconductors Inc., 1150 Kifer Rd., Suite 100, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, (866) 993-5211,
RS# 000

Reference design forenergy-efficient LEDs

A new electronic drive and thermal-management reference design simplifies the development of high-brightness light-emitting diode (LED) bulb fixtures that replace incandescent or compact fluorescent light bulbs in standard sockets. LED replacement bulbs typically require four different design components: the LED, electronic drive board, thermal-management system, and optics.

The reference design features an electronic drive board with a Nuventix SynJet cooling module that provides designers with a complete electronic drive and thermal-management design for high-performance LED replacement bulbs.

SynJet thermal-management features a synthetic jet-cooling technology that uses turbulent pulses of air generated from an electromagnetic actuator to efficiently cool the LED.

The electronic drive board features the LM3429 buck-boost LED driver and LM2842 voltage regulator. The LM3429 provides a constant current to the LEDs from input voltage rails of 9 to 36 V, includes analog dimming capability, and is configured to drive up to 12 series-connected LEDs. The LM2842 system powers the SynJet electromagnetic actuator.

National Semiconductor, 2900 Semiconductor Dr., Santa Clara, CA 95051, (408) 721-5000,

Nuventix Inc., 4635 Boston Lane, Austin, TX 78735, (512) 382-8100,

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