Power supply suits wind energy equipment

Power supply suits wind energy equipment

Balluff Inc. introduces a new, intelligent, energy-saving power supply especially for use in wind energy equipment. The semi-potted device boasts an efficiency rating of 93% and is designed for high shock and vibration loads and an extremely long service life of nearly 20 years with a MTBF of 800,000 hours. A key feature: This is the first power supply that can be connected directly to the generator voltage without need for an intermediate transformer, according to company sources. Also unique are the optical indicators, which display the status and condition of the unit. Because it tracks dynamic loads, it can be operated continuously even under high load conditions. This makes reserves of from 30% to 50% no longer necessary.

Special sensors in combination with a microcontroller continuously monitor wear factors in the power supply, such as temperature, overload, faults, and other conditions. Intelligent evaluation of these parameters then gives the user an overview of the status of the unit for implementing maintenance measures, thereby drastically reducing the probability of failure of the overall system. Colored LEDs in traffic light colors provide the user with continuous information about the current load level, the “stress level,” as well as the lifetime, a forecast of remaining life expectancy. The indicators are bright enough to be reliably seen and interpreted from several meters away.

The usual 3-phase transformer used in wind power equipment can be dispensed with, thereby saving money. Due to its broad input range of 380 to 690 V, the switched-mode power supply can be connected directly to the generator voltage of the wind turbine. Benefits include reduced installation effort and fewer failure-prone parts, along with increased system efficiency due to less heat loss.

For more information, contact Balluff Inc., 8125 Holton Dr., Florence, KY 41042. Phone: (859) 727-2200.

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