Power supervisor ICs draw miserly 62 microamps

The newly released ADM2914 and ADM12914 quad-channel voltage supervisors and ADM6339 microprocessor supervisor ICs enhance overall system reliability by helping ensure voltage levels remain within specified levels. The circuits provide up to twice the accuracy of other devices designed to monitor voltage supply rails in communications, industrial, and instrumentation applications, according to company sources.

The ADM12914 detects over-voltage and under-voltage (OV/UV) conditions with 1.5 times the accuracy (±0.8 percent over temperature) of competing supervisory circuits. This translates to improved system operation as the new supervisory IC prevents power supplies in medical ultrasound, telecommunications equipment, and other applications from slipping out of range. This is especially important in today’s power supply systems, which often operate at below 1 V and where an over-voltage condition could cause catastrophic system failure. The ADM2914/ADM12914 also includes an input-supply shunt regulator that enables the device to be run off of higher-voltage supplies, including 12-V operation in communications infrastructure equipment and lithium-ion batteries used in hybrid vehicles.

The ADM6339 quad microprocessor voltage supervisory circuit provides two times the accuracy (±0.8 percent over temperature) of other devices in its class and monitors up to three positive and one negative voltage supplies. The ADM6339 incorporates internally pre-trimmed under-voltage threshold options for monitoring 1.8-V, 2.5-V, 3-V, 3.3-V, 5-V, and -5-V supply voltages and is available with one to three adjustable threshold options to extend design flexibility.

For more information, visit Analog Devices Inc.

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