Power-saving voltage transducers suit traction market

Power-saving voltage transducers suit traction market

The DVL series makes insulated nominal voltage measurements in traction applications. This family of voltage transducers spans the range from 50 to 2,000 VRMS and is fully compliant with International Railway Industry Standards (IRIS), providing engineers in the railway industry with a versatile new transducer that is equally applicable to measuring network voltages, or the main converter dc link on-board trains. The feature set of the DVL voltage transducer also makes it a suitable fit for a broad range of small to medium voltage measurements in industrial markets.

In addition to using less power, the DVL is 30% lighter than transducers already on the market. Other key features include a high level of partial discharge extinction voltage, and compliance to a range of internationally-recognized safety standards. It also exhibits a fast response time and excellent noise immunity. A range of connection configurations on both the primary and secondary side increases flexibility for the user.

The DVL utilizes materials that comply with all relevant fire and smoke requirements required in railway applications.
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