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Alpha & Omega Semiconductor, Inc. (AOS) announced the release of new silicon and package technologies aimed at providing Green solutions for power supply designers. AOS' new combination of AON6200 high-side and AON6702 low-side 30V N-Channel MOSFETs enable high efficiency and low noise power conversion. The AON6200 is the first product released on AOS' proprietary Split Gate (SGT) process that provides industry leading Ciss and Crss performance to reduce switching transition losses. The 2m max AON6702 low side MOSFET is the flagship product of AOS' second generation SRFET (Soft Recovery MOSFET) process that integrates a Schottky diode monolithically with the MOSFET. The Schottky's low forward voltage drop and low stored charge, Qrr, provide high efficiency by reducing conduction and switching losses.

The AON6200 and AON6702 configured together can easily support 25A per phase with high efficiency, and offer 25% lower ringing than competing solutions. The lower noise operation improves overall system reliability and performance while also reducing EMI emissions. Both products are housed in <1mm profile DFN6x5 packages that utilize a Green, Halogen Free, molding compound.

AOS is also expanding its low voltage P-Channel MOSFET product offering. The AON6403 is built on AOS' fourth generation (G4) P-Channel Trench process and offers the lowest on-resistance in its class. With a maximum on-resistance of 3.2m it can provide the most efficient load and power switching in battery disconnect or hot swap applications.

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