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Power management IC features up to 95% efficiency

Texas Instruments Inc. builds upon its popular SWIFT family of power management integrated circuits with a new 6-A converter that is the industry’s smallest and most efficient, according to company officials. The new TPS54618 monolithic synchronous switcher with two integrated 12-milliohm FETs provides 95% efficiency and low operating current to 2.95 to 6-V point-of-load designs used in DSP and FPGA-based communications, test, and medical equipment.

The TPS54618 is 30% smaller than other 6-A devices, and achieves a total size of 140 mm2. The integrated converter provides high performance and reliability, including current mode control, which provides simple external compensation and flexible component selection, especially small ceramic capacitors. The easy-to-use and scalable TPS54618 is pin-compatible with other low-current SWIFT synchronous buck converters, such as the 3-A, 2-MHz TPS54318.

Key features and benefits of the TPS54618:

  • TI’s SWIFT converter with integrated 12-milliohm FETs supports a 6-A continuous current, and a power stage input voltage range from 2.95 to 6 V
  • Wide switching frequency range (200 kHz to 2 MHz) combines high efficiency with design flexibility, and comes in a space-saving, thermally enhanced 3 x 3 x 1 mm monolithic QFN package
  • Synchronized switching frequency from a master clock eliminates beat noise in sensitive data acquisition circuitry

For more information, contact Texas Instruments Inc., 12500 TI Blvd., Dallas, TX 75243. Phone: (972) 644-5580.

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