Power-management IC achieves more than 85% efficiency

Power-management IC achieves more than 85% efficiency

Maxim Integrated Products announces the MAX17106, a fully integrated PMIC (power-management IC) that minimizes BOM cost and solution size for notebook LCD panels. This device is equipped with two boost regulators, an LDO, a programmable VCOM calibrator with buffer, three high-speed op amps, a high-voltage level-shifting scan driver, and 18KB of EEPROM. Fabricated using the company’s proprietary high-voltage BiCMOS process, the MAX17106 integrates all blocks required to power the LCD source drivers, gate drivers, and VCOM backplane.

One boost regulator has a 1.2 MHz switching frequency and integrates a power MOSFET. It delivers output voltages up to 14 V from a 2.4 to 5.5 V input while achieving more than 85% efficiency. A second boost regulator generates the GON voltage. The LDO can supply a 300 mA load and provides a highly accurate output voltage. The integrated op amps drive the VCOM backplane and feature a 150 mA short-circuit current with a 45 V/microsecond slew rate.

The level-shifting scan driver swings from -22 to 38 V and can swiftly drive capacitive loads. The MAX17106 includes an I2C controlled VCOM calibrator that provides 7-bit setting accuracy. It also integrates 18kB of EEPROM for setting and controlling the VCOM voltage level. The MAX17106 is available in a 7 x 7 mm, 56-pin TQFN package and operates over the -40° to 85° C extended temperature range.

For more information, contact Maxim Integrated Products, 120 San Gabriel Dr., Sunnyvale, CA 94086. Phone: (408) 737-7600.

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