Power IC devices feature low power consumption

Power IC devices feature low power consumption

The STR2W100 and STR3A100 power IC series incorporate a power MOSFET and a current mode PWM controller IC in one package. Each package includes a start-up circuit and standby function in the controller, which promotes low power consumption, and low standby power, while reducing the number external components.

The new series targets consumer, industrial, and office automation markets with end applications to include set top boxes, home and digital appliances, office automation equipment, and industrial apparatus. Improved internal circuitry reduces the no-load power consumption, up to 10 mW in the STR3A100 series and up to 25 mW in the STR2W100 series.

Two package options are available. The STR2W100 is available in the TO-220F-6L package and the STR3A100 is available in the DIP-8 package.

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