Power conversion solution boosts energy efficiency in datacenter and telecom applications

Power conversion solution boosts energy efficiency in datacenter and telecom applications

Vicor Corp. announces a direct 48V-to-processor power conversion solution called Factorized Power to suit the datacenter, cloud computing, and telecom markets. The new solution complies with Intel's x86 VR12.0 voltage regulation specification. Vicor's current multiplication from 48 V directly to a 1-V microprocessor load enables more efficient power distribution and eliminates duplicate conversion stages found in traditional 48-to-12-to-1V power systems, yielding more than 5% greater overall efficiency in a package size that's 3X smaller than other offerings.

With increasing demands on datacenter and cloud computing infrastructure, efficient power management is a growing concern. Electricity costs can account for up to 50% of annual datacenter operating expenses. The 5% efficiency gain enabled by Vicor's Intel compliant power solution can reduce per-processor power loss by 10 W, or 30%, which can yield annual datacenter electricity savings of approximately $500,000 across 30,000 onsite processors.

Vicor's VI Chip PRM non-isolated regulator and VTM current multiplier deliver highly efficient 48-V direct-to-load power conversion for datacenter and telecom applications. The company's Factorized Power Architecture (FPA) separates, or "factorizes," regulation and voltage transformation functions into flexible, high-performance building blocks, reducing distribution and interconnect losses and eliminating bulk capacitance with greater than 1 MHz response speed.

Click here to register for a free copy of Vicor's VR12.0 white paper and learn more.

For more information, contact Vicor Corp., 25 Frontage Rd., Andover, MA 01810. Phone: (978) 470-2900.

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