Point-of-load voltage regulators achieve 96% efficiency

Point-of-load voltage regulators achieve 96% efficiency

International Rectifier introduces a new family of SupIRBuck integrated point-of-load (POL) voltage regulators in a compact 4 x 5 mm package. The devices, tailored for energy-efficient server, storage, telecom, netcom and set-top box applications offer the same efficiency and functionality as previous generation devices in a 33% smaller footprint.

The IR38(53)(56)(59) SupIRBuck voltage regulators integrate a high performance controller with latest generation MOSFETs in a slim 4 x 5 mm PQFN package, and deliver 4 A, 6 A, and 9 A output current respectively to achieve more than 96% peak efficiency. New features include over-voltage protection, an external synchronization option to reduce noise and EMI in multi-rail systems, true output voltage sensing option for adjustable PGOOD, and OV threshold setting.

The new devices eliminate the need for traditional dual stage POL conversion and save energy, size, and cost by operating directly from 12 Vin. While optimized for 12 V input voltage, superior efficiencies are also achieved in applications with single 5 V input voltages. As a result of programmable switching frequencies up to 1.5 MHz and a small 4 x 5mm footprint, the new voltage regulators shrink size and cost, in addition to achieving higher power density. Moreover, the common footprint of the devices provides design flexibility and allows cut-and-paste layout for fast time to market.

SupIRBuck family features also include programmable hiccup current limit, programmable soft start, enhanced pre-bias start up, thermal protection, enable pin with voltage monitoring capability, Power Good output for under-voltage and over-voltage detection, +/- 1% accurate 0.7 V reference in 0° to 125° C temperature range, and -40°to 125° C operating junction temperature.

For more information, contact International Rectifier, 233 Kansas St., El Segundo, CA 90245. Phone: (310) 252-7105.

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