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PCB prototype supplier offers stencils for easy soldering

Sunstone Circuits, a printed circuit board (PCB) prototype provider, has enhanced their services by offering SMT stencils when placing an order within their Quickturn, Full Feature, and CAD Tool, PCB123 product lines. Stencils are part of a growing suite of PCB tools that include Bundled Assembly, PCB Design Software, and Free DFM.

Stencils are used to evenly deposit solder paste onto bare circuit boards, replacing hand soldering of surface mount devices, and eliminating the typical inconsistencies created by this method. By adding stencils to either a new or previous PCB order on the Sunstone website, design engineers can eliminate the tedious and error-prone process of hand soldering.

All stencils include the following features:

  • Permanent, non-removable, and non-fading fiducials
  • Exclusive, performance-enhancing stencil design modifications, tailored specifically for each customer
  • 100% laser cut, ensuring a high quality finish
  • All fixed frame stencils are double bonded to withstand extreme wear
  • Plates available with safety features to protect against sharp plate edges
  • Live technical support available at all times

For more information, contact Sunstone Circuits, 13626 S. Freeman Rd., Mulino, OR 97042. Phone: (800) 228-8198.
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