Optocoupler targets hybrids and EVs

Optocoupler targets hybrids and EVs

The automotive-grade ACPL-38JT optocoupler with extended temperature operation is for use in hybrid and electric vehicles. The 2.5-A optocoupler incorporates a IGBT driver for signal switching, along with desaturation detection and faultstatus feedback systems for constant signal protection. The device provides safe electrical signal isolation from –40 to 125°C.

During power-up, the optocoupler’s undervoltage lockout-protection feature protects the IGBT from receiving insufficient gate voltage by forcing lower output. The device is available in a 16-lead small outline surface-mount package. Additional features include 500-nsec maximum switching speed, 15-kV/us minimum common mode rejection at VCM = 1,500 V, soft IGBT turn off, and input CMOS/TTL compatible.

Avago Technologies, 350 West Trimble Rd., Bldg. 90, San Jose, CA 95131, (800)235-0312,

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