Novel brake linings hush wind turbine braking applications

Novel brake linings hush wind turbine braking applications

Carlisle Industrial Brake & Friction introduces NoiseFree brake linings for wind turbine yaw braking applications. The linings were specifically developed to meet the demanding requirements of yaw braking applications, where a high brake friction coefficient is required in combination with a long service lifetime and noise free operation.

NoiseFree linings are manufactured from a proprietary (non-asbestos) material at the company’s ISO9001 friction plant where the friction material is co-molded directly onto the backing plate to provide excellent shear strength and in-service integrity. This unique construction process ensures that the NoiseFree range of linings outperforms any other organic lining available, enabling end users to increase their service intervals and maximize the revenue generated from their wind turbines.

NoiseFree linings are available in a range of many different shapes, dimensions, and thicknesses to fit all commonly used wind turbine calipers, including products supplied by Svendborg Brakes, Sime-Stromag, and Antec.

For more information, contact Carlisle Industrial Brake & Friction, 1031 E. Hillside Dr., Bloomington, IN 47401. Phone: 800-873-6361.

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