New reference design debuts for energy efficient LED bulbs

A new electronic drive and thermal management reference design that simplifies development of high-brightness light-emitting diode (LED) bulb fixtures that replace incandescent or compact fluorescent light bulbs in standard sockets is now available. LED replacement bulbs typically require four different design components: the LED, electronic drive board, thermal management system, and optics. Integrating these complex design components to produce an efficient and high-performance LED bulb system can be challenging.

A new reference design featuring National Semiconductor’s electronic drive board together with the SynJet cooling module from Nuventix provides lighting designers with a complete electronic drive and thermal management design for high-performance LED replacement bulbs, according to company sources.

The SynJet thermal management module from Nuventix features a synthetic jet cooling technology that uses turbulent pulses of air generated from an electromagnetic actuator to efficiently cool the LED. It is compatible with standard bulb form factors including MR16 and PAR 38.

The electronic drive board from National Semiconductor features the LM3429 buck-boost LED driver and LM2842 voltage regulator systems. The LM3429 system provides a constant current to the LEDs from input voltage rails of 9 to 36V, includes analog dimming capability, and is configured to drive up to 12 series-connected LEDs. The LM2842 system powers the SynJet electromagnetic actuator. The form factor of the electronic drive board is compatible with the Nuventix SynJet MR16 and PAR38 modules.

For more information on the reference design, visit National Semiconductor or Nuventix.

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