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DC-DC µModule Regulator

THE LTM8027 from Linear Technology Corporation is a 4-A system-in-a-package dc-dc µModule® regulator that can operate from a 60-V supply without input protection. The device fits an inductor, power switches, switching regulator, and all support components in a 2.6-g, 15- × 15- × 4.32-mm LGA plastic package.

The device can regulate an output voltage ranging from 2.5 to 24 V from an input supply of 4.5 to 60 V (65 V is the absolute maximum). The LTM8027's voltage rating suits the device for 12- and 24-V automotive and heavy equipment such as industrial robotics, 48-V telecom, as well as avionics and industrial control systems.

The voltage regulator's operating frequency is adjustable from 100 to 500 kHz with a resistor, or the device can be synchronized to an external clock to optimize efficiency for a given input-to-output voltage ratio or to prevent the device from interfering with a system's sensitive operating frequency. Because of synchronous switching of the internal MOSFETs, the LTM8027 can deliver 4 A at 12 VOUT from 24 VIN with 93% efficiency. The device draws only 10 µA in shutdown.

The LTM8027 is offered in temperature grades of -40° to 125°C and -55° to 125°C. 1,000-piece prices start at $16.50 each.

Linear Technology
Milipitas, CA


Ultra-Compact LED Driver

THE LDU Series of 300- to 1,000-mA PCB mount LED drivers from XP Power measure 20.32 × 10.16 × 6.88 mm for the LDU08 300-mA model and offer a typical efficiency of 95%. Models within the series offer constant-current outputs of 300, 350, 500, 600, 700, and 1,000 mA.

The non-isolated step-down drivers can accommodate a wide range of input voltages, from 7 to 30 Vdc. Dimming options include two analog methods (voltage or resistance) or a pulse-width modulation (PWM) input signal, which has a maximum operating frequency of 1 kHz with a minimum 200-ns on/off time. When using an analog dimming method, the output-current range can be adjusted from 25% to 100% of nominal current.

The drivers offer a MTBF in excess of 5 million hours that complies with MIL-HDBK-217F reliability standards at 25°C. The LDU series suits a broad range of energy-efficient LED lighting designs, such as those used for advertising displays, traffic signs, automotive lighting, and consumer appliances.

A remote on/off control input provides the designer with the ability to control the output or sequence the start-up. Short- and open-circuit protection is also provided.

The LDU series is available from stock from Newark or direct from XP Power. The devices have a three-year warranty and are priced from $7.80 for the LDU08 300-mA unit to $13.26 for LDU24 1,000-mA unit in medium quantities.

XP Power
Sunnyvale, CA


Integrated Voltage Regulator

THE IR3870M SupIRBuck integrated voltage regulator from International Rectifier is designed for applications such as notebook and desktop computers, game consoles, consumer electronics applications such as set-top boxes, and general-purpose POL dc-dc converters. The regulator features a hysteretic constant on-time modulator with adaptive dead-time control and on-state resistance, RDS(on), current sensing to achieve maximum efficiency for notebooks.

The IR3870M can deliver up to 10 A in environments with up to 60°C ambient temperatures, and the device features diode emulation for improved light-load efficiency. The device also offers a charge pump output (CPO) option for enhancing the MOSFET gate drive to deliver the highest efficiency at medium- to full-load conditions. In addition, the IR3870M has a wide input voltage range of 3 to 26 V and can be programmed for output voltages of 0.5 to 12 V by an external resistor divider network.

The IR3870M also features pre-bias start-up, very precise 0.5-V reference, overvoltage and undervoltage shut-down, power good output, and enable input with voltage monitoring capability. The device also offers constant on-time control, programmable switching frequency, soft start, and overcurrent protection.

The SupIRBuck family of single-output integrated POL dc-dc voltage regulators integrates the company's high-performance control ICs, optimized with benchmark HEXFET® MOSFETs in a 5- × 6- × 0.9-mm power QFN package. With a unique, scalable common footprint, SupIRBuck provides an easy-to-implement, flexible, compact, cost-effective, high-performance POL solution.

The controller IC used in the IR3870M is also available as a stand-alone device, the IR3710M, to allow designers who use the IR3870 for lighter loads to easily scale up to loads as high as 24 A by using the IC with a pair of external IR MOSFETs. Both the IR3870M and IR3710M are Pb-free and RoHS compliant.

International Rectifier
El Segundo, CA


SMT Spring-Loaded Connectors

OFFERED AS discrete contacts, the 0910-0 and 0910-1 through -4 SMT spring-loaded connectors (SLCs) from Mill-Max are specifically designed for production tape and reel assembly. Part 0967 is a horizontal-mount SMT SLC designed for low-profile board-to-board interconnections.

The SLCs feature a large base for either increased PC board stability or assembly in non-PC board applications, such as a face plate. These part families offer a range of application heights from 3.48 to 10.92 mm.

Oyster Bay, NY


Low-profile Coolers

THE NTELLIJET™ Series of low-profile coolers from Jaro Thermal are low-acoustic coolers that use rapid-fire pulses of turbulent air — produced by an oscillating diaphragm working between 50 and 200 hz — to cool heat sinks and surrounding components. The coolers represent a unique concept for thermal cooling.

In addition to ultra-high reliability and a low profile (max 15-mm height), the coolers eliminate mechanical wear, dirt, and dust clogging. The coolers are also shock- and vibration-resistant, and provide 100,000 hours at 60°C. The NtelliJet suits applications that require focused cooling for specific chips or coverage areas.

Created using the company's patented actuator technology and proprietary fluidic packaging expertise, the vortex-dominated NtelliJet flow enhances small-scale mixing near heated surfaces to yield more effective heat transfer at low-volume flow rates compared to conventional air movers. System-wide heat removal takes advantage of the ejector effect inherent to high-momentum jet flows. As it operates, the NtelliJet module expels high-momentum pulses of air that pull nearby ambient air behind it in its wake. Lead time for production orders is 6 to 8 weeks ARO.

Jaro Thermal
Boca Raton, FL


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365-W AC-DC Power Supply

CUI INC'S power division, V-Infinity, announces an extension of its high-efficiency, high-density VMS line with the 365-W VMS-365 series. These units are said to offer an industry-leading power density of 19 W/in.3 and come in an open-frame package measuring 3 × 5 × 1.40 in.

The VMS-365 can be used in a wide variety of medical and telecom applications, meeting EN60601-1 & ITE EN60950-1 safety standards. With typical efficiency above 90%, this series suits applications where power consumption is a critical consideration.

The VMS-365 series offers universal-input (90 to 264 Vac) and single-output voltages of 12, 24, and 48 Vdc. This device outputs 365 W with 400 lfm cooling, and 200 W under convection-cooling conditions. It has a built-in active PFC function and a 12-V auxiliary fan output with 5-V standby. The series operates from -20° to 50°C at full load, derating linearly to 50% load at 70° C. Built-in protection includes overtemperature, overcurrent, and overvoltage.

“The VMS series offers a unique combination of high power in an industry standard footprint. It's our highest power density offering and is designed to meet the growing customer demand for high power, compact solutions,” stated Kraig Kawada, CUI's V-Infinity product manager.

The VMS-365 series is available immediately through Digi-Key with prices starting at $230 per unit.

Tualatin, OR


Front End/Rectifier

THE 2,000-W CAR2024FP front end from Lineage Power Corporation is intended for 24- and 28-V applications including cellular base stations, RF power amplifiers, industrial motors and relays, and automated test equipment. The latest product introduced under the company's Total Efficiency architecture, the front end can achieve 90% efficiency at 100% of load to meet and exceed application-orientated efficiency standards such as the 80 PLUS Bronze standard, ENERGY STAR, and other energy certifications. The Total Efficiency architecture is an end-to-end approach designed to help organizations go green to save green while achieving sustainability objectives with cost-effective, end-to-end solutions that are safe, reliable, and energy efficient.

Porting its expertise from other industries to the development of this front end, Lineage Power has made this rectifier a high-density unit supplying 25 W/in.3 in just a one-rack unit. Purpose-built for OEM applications, the Cherokee by Lineage Power CAR2024FP includes an advanced feature set that includes automatic fan-speed control and full I2C communications — providing intelligent monitoring and control of critical parameters.

The rectifier's small form factor suits space-constrained applications where system real estate is at a premium. Measuring 1.65 × 4 × 14.25 in., the unit delivers 83 A at 24 V, and has an output-voltage range from 21 to 29 V. Up to four units can be mounted side-by-side on a standard 19-in. rack shelf to deliver 8,000 W (or 6,000 W with N+1 redundancy) in 1U.

Protection features include input overvoltage and undervoltage, output overvoltage, overtemperature, and overcurrent. A matching system shelf, the ACE204, will be available to fit industry-standard 19-in. cabinets. The ACE204 is a four-bay redundant, hot-swap configuration offering scalability up to 8,000 W.

“We have transferred our power-design expertise from datacom and telecom to bring a feature-rich power rectifier to the industrial, base station and RF amplifier markets,” said Mike Wagner, vice president and general manager for Lineage Power's Embedded OEM division. “This CAR2024FP front end provides the market the flexibility of both a 24- and 28-volt unit in one design with the added capabilities of intelligent monitoring and control of critical parameters.” Available immediately, the Lineage Power CAR2024FP is priced at $370 for OEM quantities.

Lineage Power
Plano, TX


1-kW Low-Profile Power Supplies

THE RFE1000 series 1-kW single-output ac-dc power supplies from TDK-Lambda are offered in an ultra-low-profile (1.61-in. height) 1U package for standalone or distributed power architectures (DPA). The supplies suit applications requiring reliable 24-, 32-, or 48-Vdc bulk power. Output voltage adjustment from 20% to -10% is possible, enabling the RFE1000 to be used in a variety of customer-specific applications.

Operating from a universal input of 85 to 265 Vac with PFC, typical applications include communications, factory automation, test and measurement, robotics, and RF amplifiers. Efficiency of up to 88% minimizes heat dissipation.

The RFE1000-24, -32 and -48 power supplies can be used individually, while up to eight units can be connected in parallel to form an N+1 redundant power system with built-in ORing diodes. Each of the supplies has variable-speed cooling fans and can operate in temperatures ranging from 0° to 70°C. The RFE1000 supplies have a power density of 10.5W/in.3 with dimensions of 12 × 5 × 1.61 in.

Overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature protection are standard features, and for system monitoring there are optoisolated signals for ac-ok, ac-fail, and overtemperature warning, along with an LED indicator for dc-ok. Remote on/off control is also standard, as is remote sense. Other standard features include single-wire current sharing and an auxiliary 12-V/0.25-A output.

As well as being EN55022 and FCC EMC compliant (achieving class B conducted and radiated emission), the RFE1000 series meets UL/EN 60950-1 safety approvals and carries the CE mark. Harmonic correction meets the EN61000-3-2 standard, and the power supplies are backed by a two-year factory warranty. The supplies are available now priced at $295 each in 1,000-piece quantities.

San Diego, CA


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