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  • Brushed DC Motors in Industrial Versions

    Maxon Motor is expanding its existing range of industrial type versions with the addition of two new motor sizes with IP54 protection rating as well as mounting brakes. The two powerful and mechanically commutated DC motors, with output powers of 200 and 250 watts are protected on the commutation side with sealed aluminum housing. The cable outputs are sealed with PG cable fittings, and the shaft is secured with a radial shaft seal to guarantee IP54 rating on the flange side. These two industrial versions, with diameters of 50 and 65 mm, are available as standard with various winding options. They achieve nominal torque of up to 0.9 Nm, nominal speeds of up to 5,500 rpm and an efficiency level of over 90%. Low nominal voltage, high power density, a flexible combination range and IP54 protection rating make both power packages the ideal choice for use in industrial equipment, such as automatic dispensing machines, handling and packaging machinery, as well as in battery-operated applications such as electric vehicles, transport and logistics facilities.
    Maxon Precision Motors
    Fall River, MA

  • Medical-Certified 40-65 Watt External Power Supplies

    TDK-Lambda has released a new range of Medical-Certified AC-DC external power supplies with output power ratings from 40 to 65 watts. These supplies are EISA and CEC Efficiency Level IV compliant. The DTM65-C series operate with a universal AC input of 90 to 264Vac (47-63Hz). Typical operating efficiencies are greater than 85%. Available output voltages include 5V, 12V, 15V, 18V, 24V, 36V and 48V. These external power supplies are packaged in low profile and insulated enclosures that measure 2.72" wide by 5.2" long by 1.57" high and are convection cooled (no fans needed). The operating temperature range is 0 to +50°C at full load with no deratings required. All models are fully isolated (4kVac, input to output, per medical safety specifications) and units from 12V through 48V are California Energy Commission (CEC) and Energy Independence Act of 2007 (EISA) Level IV compliant. These 40-65W supplies are ideal for powering portable medical equipment. They incorporate overvoltage and short-circuit protection. Plus, the Off/No-Load standby-power-consumption is less than 0.50 watt, as required by the latest green energy initiatives. The DTM65-C series are available now and priced from $37.00 each in 500 piece lots.
    San Diego, CA


Download the story in pdf format here.

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