New power MOSFETs improve efficiency up to 2%

New power MOSFETs improve efficiency up to 2%

International Rectifier introduces a family of DirectFETplus power MOSFETs featuring the company's new generation of silicon that increases efficiency for 12-V input synchronous buck applications including next-generation servers, desktops, and notebooks.

The first two DirectFETplus devices in the new family, the IRF6811 and IRF6894, reduce on-state resistance (RDS(on)) and gate charge (Qg) compared to previous generation devices to significantly improve efficiency up to 2%. In addition, the devices offer ultra low gate resistance (Rg) enabling further efficiency improvement by minimizing switching losses in dc-dc converters.

The IRF6811 control MOSFET is available in a Small Can while the IRF6894 synchronous MOSFET is offered in a Medium Can. The 25-V DirectFETplus pair combines excellent RDS(on) and Rg with low charge to minimize conduction and switching losses. The IRF6894 also features a monolithically integrated Schottky that reduces losses associated with body diode conduction and reverse recovery. The new DirectFETplus MOSFETs are footprint compatible with previous generation devices.

For more information, contact International Rectifier, 233 Kansas St., El Segundo, CA 90245. Phone: (310) 252-7105.

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