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Motor management tool monitors power consumption

Motor management tool monitors power consumption

The Contactron Electronic Motor Manager (EMM) is said to precisely monitor the effective power consumed by motors. The EMM converts the motor itself into a sensor. Users can set the parameters to detect dangerous operational conditions, such as overload, underload, pollution, and wear. The module provides advanced diagnostics and allows users to make informed decisions for predictive maintenance and better operation.

In a worst-case scenario, the EMM can shut down the motor to protect the system. For example, in a packaging application, it can monitor the motors used in palletizers or skid shrink-wrapping machines.

The EMM’s onboard inputs and outputs facilitate direct control of motor starters. It also provides easy-to-understand remote indication of system problems. The 22.5-mm module has selectable tripping curves of class 10 to class 30, for full three-phase motor protection. Up to 16 EMMs can be controlled with a single Profibus gateway, reducing costs, space, and wiring time.

Phoenix Contact USA, 586 Fulling Mill Rd., Middletown, PA 17057. Phone: (800) 888-7388.

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