Motor combines energy efficiency and constant torque

Motor combines energy efficiency and constant torque

The newly released TENV Vector Duty Motor line from WEG Electric Corp. is designed for use in applications where energy efficiency and a 1,000:1 constant torque ratio is required. Available immediately, the Vector Duty line was designed specifically for inverter duty and is suitable for any application that requires constant torque over a wide speed range, including conveyors, cranes and hoists, extruders, metal processing, and more. The product line offers frame size flexibility, precise speed control, and is IP55 severe-duty rated (dust and water jet protected).

Special features of the Vector Duty Motor include: numerous mounting configurations, thermistors, space heater, IP56, 65, and 66 ratings, tropicalized internal painting, special shaft seals, encoder, and brake. Standard features include:

• Constant torque operations from 0 to base speed (1,000:1) on PWM Vector Drive
• Constant hp operation to 150% base speed at 40° C ambient
• Thermostats (1 per phase)
• C-face mount with feet
• Spike resistant wire
• All cast iron construction

For more information, contact WEG Electric Corp., 1327 Northbrook Parkway, Suite 490, Suwanee, GA 30024. Phone: 800-ASK-4WEG.

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