MOSFET relays offer energy savings in battery applications

Omron Electronic Components announces the release of two new series of MOS FET Relays, while simultaneously decreasing the list price on 20 existing families. Four new models with low LED trigger values provide energy savings for power limited/battery applications. These ultra-sensitive models include the 60V G3VM-61G2, 200V G3VM-201G1, 360V G3VM-351G1, and 600V G3VM-601G part numbers. In an SOP-4 terminal package, they boast a maximum LED trigger of 1.0 mA.

The G3VM-21LR11 and G3VM-21HR bring new high current/low on-resistance options to the product line, expanding the application base for MOS FET relays into the realm of power supply circuits. The SSOP G3VM-21LR11 has a load current rating of 0.9 A and a 180 mOhm on-resistance. The G3VM-21HR, in an SOP 6 package, has an on-resistance of only 20 mOhm, and can handle a load current of 5 A using a parallel or "C" connection, or 2.5 A using a normal connection. For more information, contact Omron Electronic Components LLC, 55 Commerce Dr., Schaumburg, IL 60173. Phone: 847-882-2288.

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