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MOSFET drivers suit solenoid and motor-drive applications

Micrel Inc. announces the MIC4414/15, two low-side MOSFET drivers designed to switch an N-Channel enhancement-mode MOSFET in low-side applications. The devices are suitable for switch-mode power supplies, solenoid drivers, and motor-driver applications.

The MIC4414/15 series features a tiny 4-pin 1.2 x 1.2 mm thin QFN package and a 4.5 to 18 V operating supply voltage range. It can sink and source peak currents up to 1.5 A (3.5 Ω output resistance at 18 V and 9 Ohm output resistance at 5 V) and is capable of switching a 1,000 pF load in 12 ns. Operating at a low steady-state supply current, the devices feature 77 µA control input low and 445 µA control input high. The device operates at -40° to 125° C junction temperature range.

For more information, contact Micrel Inc., 2180 Fortune Dr., San Jose, CA 95131. Phone: (408) 944-0800.

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