Power Electronics

MOSFET Achieves a 1.5-mΩ RDS(ON)

From NEC Electronics America, the NP180N04TUG power MOSFET is a 40-V, 180-A rated device that achieves an RDS(ON) of 1.5 mΩ (max.). The device is suited for applications such as automotive systems, low-voltage dc motor controllers and uninterruptible power supplies.

The MOSFET’s low on-state resistance is attributed to the use of the company’s UMOS-4 trench process technology, which achieves an ultra-fine design rule of 0.25 microns and results in a high cell density of up to 160 million cells per square inch. The device also features the company’s TO-263-7 package, which uses a unique multi-bonding technology that doubles the number of bonding wires from two to four. Additional bond wires lower RDS(ON) while improving the MOSFET’s current-carrying capabilities.

The MOSFET is rated for both single and repetitive avalanche energy and for operation up to 175ºC at a gate voltage of 10 V and a drain voltage of 40 V. The NP180N04TUG is available in 800-unit quantities, with price starting at $2.50 each in low volumes. For more information, see www.am.necel.com/pmd/mosfets.html.

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