Modular inverter suits solar applications

The newly released RPS450-TL photovoltaic inverter from Bonfiglioli USA is an integrated, modular solar power inverter system. The inverter offers modular construction that combines all components of a solar power inverter — UL1741 construction and performance, fast response maximum power point tracking, extensive power plant monitoring, and high reliability — in a single, compact unit. The system offers seamless integration of string combiner boxes, monitoring, and a data logger that provides 24-hour access to top-performing solar energy sites and allows operators to identify maintenance issues. It is suitable for applications between 30kWp and 1 MWp.

According to company sources, benefits of the RPS450-TL include heightened efficiency, improved reliability, and maintenance productivity. The heart of the inverter is a power electronic building block with onboard controller (PEBB) that provides a low complexity, reliable inverter for improved uptime. Each inverter module also possesses its own max-point power tracker (MPPT), which reduces yield losses caused by the mismatching of the solar generator. This allows the inverter to harvest more energy per panel than conventional central inverter designs.

For more information, visit Bonfiglioli USA, 3541 Hargrave Drive, Hebron, KY 41048. Phone: (859) 334-3333.

TAGS: Solar
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