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Metering MCUs can reduce electricity bills by 25%

Now available are 16 ultra-low-power MSP430 microcontrollers (MCUs) targeted at electricity and gas metering applications. These new MSP430F4xx devices are highly integrated solutions that can support standalone analog front-end (AFE) needs and achieve leading accuracy results of better than 0.1 percent.

Key features and benefits of the 16 new MSP430 metering MCUs:

• Expanded metering portfolio supports a wide range of implementation
standards with additions to the F471xx, Fx461x and F44x series of

• Provides analog front-end needs for a complete metrology solution

• Better than 0.1 percent accuracy for precise energy measurements

• Secure energy monitoring with tamper protection capabilities

• Ultra-low power consumption for extended battery life

• Increased memory for load demand response offers a 25 percent reduction
in electricity bills

The new F4xx MCUs are priced between $1.80 and $3.90 for 1K units and are available now. In addition, these devices complement the embedded processing portfolio supporting smart metering solutions.

More info about MSP430F471xx MCUs can be found at:

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