Metering, communication products for Smart Grid

The RS-SE-201 Smart Energy Wi-Fi Communications Module, the RS-SE-301 Advanced Metering Gateway System, the RS-SE-401 Low-Power Metering and Communications Module, the RS-SE-501 Secure Circuit Breaker System and the RS-SE-601 Long-Range Simultaneous Dual-band Wi-Fi Module are new products that address Smart Energy Management and the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). The products offer application-optimized ultra low power Wi-Fi 802.11n wireless connectivity and a standards compliant protocol stack for communication of meter readings, tariff and load control information.

The products are built around the central theme of using 802.11 Wi-Fi for connecting metering units to the utility infrastructure through universal IP-based networking. "Redpine's WinergyNet architecture leverages [the] ubiquity of Wi-Fi and provides a seamless, secure and cost-effective communications framework for the Smart-Grid," said Venkat Mattela, CEO of Redpine Signals. "Redpine's fourth generation chipset leverages the mature security, robust wireless performance, and low energy consumption of Wi-Fi 802.11n; and provides all of these at low cost to enable rapid global adoption of smart energy solutions" he added. The design is the world's first SDIO device to be Wi-Fi certified for the 802.11n draft 2.0 certification, along with WMM, WMM-PS and WPS. It is also among the first designs to be certified for Voice-Personal

The completely self-contained Smart Energy Wi-Fi Communications Module (RS-SE-201) provides low power Wi-Fi connectivity for in-home devices and appliances. The Advanced Metering Gateway System (RS-SE-301) functions as a central communication node and policy manager for the home. It enables smart energy management by establishing a two way communication link from the utility to the energy meter and other smart energy appliances within the home. The Low-Power Metering and Communications Module (RS-SE-401) provides high transmit-power and offers a battery life of over 10 years utilizing Redpine's field proven ultra low power 802.11n technology. The Secure Circuit Breaker System (RS-SE-501) offers secure control of appliances without compromising the existing usage scenarios, and the Long Range Simultaneous Dual-band Wi-Fi Module (RS-SE-601) provides cost-effective neighbor-hood and back-haul networking thus providing a total communications network infrastructure for the Smart Grid. These products carry out processing of data to conform to the IEC 62056 Device Language Message Specification (DLMS) that defines the transport and application layer functions that enable universal management of the utility infrastructure.

These products are sampling now. For more information on Redpine products, visit

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