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MDmesh V Power-MOSFET Technology Achieves Industry's Best On-Resistance

STMicroelectronics announced a performance breakthrough for silicon power MOSFETs by achieving the best on-resistance per die area with its latest MDmesh™ V technology. MDmesh V will enable a new generation of 650V MOSFETs with RDS(ON) reaching below 0.079 Ohm in compact power packages to deliver industry-leading efficiency and power density. These devices target power-conversion systems where small size and low energy consumption are major goals for design engineers.

Unveiling the first MDmesh V devices available to the market, ST specified RDS(ON) of 0.079 Ohms for the 33A STP42N65M5 in the TO-220 package. This saving contributes to efficiency improvements, delivering the industry's best RDS(ON) in the majority of the power conversion systems. The complete STx42N65M5 family offers additional package options including the surface-mount D2PAK as well as TO-220FP, I2PAK, and TO-247. The STx16N65M5 family, also at 650V, is in full production, rated at 0.299 Ohm RDS(ON) and 12A. ST's roadmap for MDmesh V 650V MOSFETs includes higher current devices with RDS(ON) as low as 0.022 Ohms in Max247 and 0.038 Ohms in TO-247. These devices will be available in March 2009.

As the latest evolution of ST's proven Multi-Drain Mesh technology, MDmesh V achieves its outstanding RDS(ON) per area by improving the transistor drain structure to lower the drain-source voltage drop. This reduces the device's on-state losses while also maintaining low gate charge (Qg), enabling energy-efficient switching at high speeds and delivering a low 'RDS(ON) x Qg' Figure of Merit (FOM). The breakdown voltage of 650V is also higher than competing 600V devices, delivering a valuable safety margin for designers. A further advantage of ST's MDmesh V MOSFETs is a cleaner turn-off waveform, enabling easier gate control and simpler filtering due to reduced EMI.

The energy savings and higher power density of MDmesh V MOSFETs will deliver tangible improvements for end-user products such as laptop power adapters, LCD monitors and TVs, lighting ballasts, telecom equipment, solar converters, and other applications requiring high-voltage power-factor correction or switched-mode power conversion.Prices for the STx42N65M5 begin at $10.00 and the STx16N65M5 are available from $6.00, in quantities of 1000 units.

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